Oblate School of Theology

Oblate School of TheologyOblate School of Theology (OST) is a Catholic graduate and professional school that provides education in Catholic theology.  OST educates and prepares church leaders – priests, deacons, seminarians, non-Catholic clergy, women religious and lay ministers – for mission and ministry through the integration of pastoral experience and theological study.

Oblate School of Theology is a community of diverse languages, traditions and backgrounds firmly rooted in Christ.  OST is a community of missionary disciples who are equipped “to effectively minister and evangelize to the poor in their many faces.”

Oblates Seminarian Residence

Oblates Seminarian Residence In May the five new residence buildings of the Blessed Mario Borzaga Formation Community were dedicated at Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.  The Vance Campus (in honor of donor Vivian Vance) is located directly across the street from the school.  The Oblate seminarians began living and studying there in August.  Each house has a formator’s suite and four bedrooms as well as a large common room to be used as a chapel in one house, library in another, dining room in a third, etc.

During the dedication, Bro. Victor Manuel Patricio Silva, O.M.I. told benefactors who had gathered that:  “On behalf of all of us scholastics, now and in the future, I thank you for the gift of your generosity.  Now, we are your gift.  We are your gift to the poor.  We are sent to serve.  We are your gift to the world thirsting for God’s love and presence.”


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