Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

In 2019 the Oblates will be on the move in Tijuana, Mexico.  they will be leaving their current missions in the La Morita neighborhood where they have ministered since 1996.

In La Morita, the Oblates built community centers where young people could play and study.  They started programs so the elderly could gather for fellowship.  A medical clinic was built by the Oblates.  And an extensive parish complex rose from the dust, along with more than a dozen chapels touching every corner of the neighborhood.

With the La Morita mission becoming more self-sustainable, the Oblates began to look for a needier part of Tijuana.  Their new home will include the community of Fuentes where most people are migrants from southern Mexico and Central America who are looking for work.  There are not churches, chapels, community centers or medical clinics.  So the Oblates will have to build them, truly building a new ministry from the ground up.

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