Zambia Mission Living up to their title as”Specialist in the most difficult missions,”  four Missionary Oblates from the United States journeyed to Zambia in 1984 to work in remote and poverty-stricken parts of the country.  The Oblates arrived filled with missionary zeal and began the difficult work of reaching out to those in need.

Since those humble beginnings, the Oblates in Zambia have reached out a helping hand in countless ways: overseeing numerous parishes, providing healthcare, food, employment, education and hope to disadvantaged people.  They also run Radio Liseli which broadcasts religious and community programing throughout the western portion of the country.

Zambia is also a great source of vocations for the Oblates.  This small country is producing more Oblate vocations than almost any other country.  Currently there are 21 Oblate seminarians in Zambia who have at least taken first vows.  In addition to these 21 professed seminarians, there are more than 30 other young men in Zambia who are part of the Oblate formation program who have just started the discerning process.

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